With the fitness industry ever growing, there are more and more events establishing themselves in the sporting calendar. From Fun Runs to Marathons, CrossFit Throwdown's to Football Matches - everyone undergoes their own preparation.

Massage is often part of that preparation.

Massage can be carried out both before and after and event, commonly knowns as Pre & Post Event Massage. It is designed to help any individual perform at their best and to aid them recover as quickly and as effectively after a sporting event.

 - Increases circulation of oxygenated blood to muscles.

 - Aids in the relaxation of muscle tissues, increasing range of movement at the joint.

 - Stimulates muscle fibres, increasing mental and physical alertness.

Post Event massage is most effective when carried out directly after an event.

 - Helps return muscles to a relaxed state.

 - Manually flushes out toxins such as lactic acid, built up during the event.

 - Promotes faster healing and reduces the probability of muscle soreness. 

 - Aids both physical and mental recovery through relaxation

With little space required, the service is simple.

If you are organising an event and would like to know how we can tailor our service to suit you, contact us via the enquiry button below.