Our approach is proactive, focusing on controlling your situation rather than simply responding to it.

 With an aim to help individuals achieve their goals of weight loss, increased strength and overall body confidence, we provide training, 1-TO-1 coaching and recovery solutions tailored to your lifestyle.




We take tremendous pride in providing a clean, bright and well-equipped facility that, with the help of our knowledge, can help you adopt sustainable lifestyle changes.

'Our Home. Your Space' refers to the response we have taken to the COVID-19 Virus.
 When booking in you are reserving our facility as your space to train in, be treated in or to be trained in with no interruption. Preventing the spread of the virus.


  •  Free parking

  • Wheelchair access

  • Treatment Room

  • Shower and changing room

  • Range of equipment from premium manufacturers such as Rogue Fitness, Concept 2, Wolverson and MiraFit